As we explained in the swimming pool tile cleaning section, cleaning a swimming pool in Southern Nevada, especially in the Las Vegas Valley, tend to build up excess amounts of minerals and chemicals in their water. When this happens, your pool equipment can stop working and begin to break down and wear out prematurely. To get rid of this excess mineral buildup you need to drain your pool. To do this you can either rent a pool pump and hose from a home supply store to do it yourself or you can simply pay a professional swimming pool company, like Vegas Pool Service, to drain your pool for you.

If you are going to drain your pool yourself you need to make sure that you drain it into the sewer outlet in the front of your house. Draining it into the street can get you fined by the cities and draining it into the sewer outlet in your backyard can flood out your house if the outlet happens to get clogged.

Make sure that you don't drain your pool when it is too hot outside or make sure that your pool is not left empty too long. Good rules of thumb are not to drain your pool for more than a day if the temperature is higher than 85 degrees outside. If the temperature is higher than 100 degrees then it is best to not drain your pool at all until the weather cools down.

Even in cool weather it is not recommended to keep your pool empty for longer than 48 hours.