A swimming pool can be very dangerous for children. If possible, do not put a swimming pool in your yard until your children are older than 5 years. Help protect your children from drowning by doing the following:
• Never leave your children alone in or near the pool, even for a moment. An adult who knows CPR should actively supervise children at all times.
• Practice touch supervision with children younger than 5 years. This means that the adult is within an arm's length of the child at all times.
• You must put up a fence to separate your house from the pool. Most young children who drown in pools wander out of the house and fall into the pool. Install a fence at least 4 feet high around all 4 sides of the pool. This fence will completely separate the pool from the house and play area of the yard. Use gates that self-close and self-latch, with latches higher than your children's reach.
• Keep rescue equipment (such as a shepherd's hook or life preserver) and a telephone by the pool.
• Do not use air-filled "swimming aids" as a substitute for approved life vests.
• Remove all toys from the pool after use so children aren't tempted to reach for them.
• After the children are done swimming, secure the pool so they can't get back into it.
• A power safety cover that meets the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) may add to the protection of your children but should not be used in place of the fence between your house and the pool. Even fencing around your pool and using a power safety cover will not prevent all drownings.
Remember, teaching your child how to swim DOES NOT mean your child is safe in water.

Consumers should not use their spas, hot tubs, and swimming pools until the
replacement part has been installed. If consumers choose to use their spas, hot tubs, and pools before the replacement part is installed, consumers should use extreme
caution and follow these precautions:
• Keep long hair away from the main drain cover. Wear a bathing cap or pin hair up.
• Never allow a child to play in a way that could permit the child's hair to come near the main drain cover. Always supervise children around a spa, hot tub, or swimming pool.
• If the main drain cover is missing or broken, shut down the spa, hot tub, or swimming pool until the cover is replaced.
• Know where the cut-off switch for the pump is located, so that you can turn it off in an emergency.