Vegas Pool Service can provide you with the same quality of swimming pool maintenance that would take you hours a month. Because of our expertise and experience in dealing with both residential swimming pools in Las Vegas day after day, when problems arise we are quick to implement changes and add or dilute necessary swimming pool chemical.

Also, since we buy so many swimming pool supplies and chemicals we are able to buy at a discount. This discount price allows us to provide your pool with quality weekly service and chemical implementation for close to the same price that most of our clients would spend on just their monthly chemical and repairs if they were doing it themselves.

This is like getting reduced price on the labor that we provide when we stop by weekly because we are also providing your pool with the chemicals that you need.

Call us today at 702-296-0706 or contact Vegas Pool Service through the form on the contact page. We will have someone contact you within one business day.

This allows you to stay out of the hot sun. It makes sure that the only worrying that you do over your pool is worrying about when you are going to have your next pool party!